Hello! It is a rainy rainy day here in Norway, i am back from oz now and have for 2 weeks! Im facepacking as i just woke up and look like a troll… Did you know that even if you are pimply you got to moisturize your skin? If the cells are healthy and moist you will get scarring, which basicly would mean you could have to live with the evidence for a long looong time. I always mosturize as i do get rather pimply at times too. Other things good against scarring? Hyaluronic acid (as it triggers the collagen production in your skin which helps the healing prosses a lot) but be careful, with babyskin comes great responsability, like… Remember to wear good sunscreen orelse your skin will get red and crazy, moisturize! And ofcourse do not scrub it, or use harsh perfumed products on it. ^^ ps: wearing collagen packs will not trigger any collagen production, it will however moisture the shit out of your skin.

The life

Right now I am having inspiration soaking time, but i thought I’d just stop by to say hi. Boyfriend and I are gonna watch Silence of the lambs today, can’t wait :) however, he is sleeping…..we’re waiting for his mom to go to bed so we can use the big TV :P i hope he likes it, cause only Antony Hopkins can make you feel love for a crazy, sadistic canibal hehe.

Versace bear and i found out that drinking milky stuff in china is no good idea, it tastes kinda funky. However the grandest airport i’ve been to, and lot’s to see.

One artists studio is some other girls playground. 

bf’s room…im a creeper with a camera in australia ^^

testing testing, i am pleased with my camera!

Theo is too ^^  isn’t he the cutest?

How do you strategicly pack for a very spontanious 1 year on the other side of the world?

I find myself in this situation now, where i gotta be done picking what to bring with me to Australia before monday. i dont even remember how i got myself spontaniously to australia in one piece last time, and i had two months of planning :P  typical. i’ll start with taking my bag upstairs. i gotta bring my Japanese books, and also my nighttime reading books and clothes. The laptop, cellphone, itouch and my rilakkuma bear i will put in my handbag.

I read the ticket and booking info and when i get to Beijing i’ll have to stay there for over 6 hours (!) before going to sydney, it’s crazy crazy, luckily i got my laptop so i can watch anime and movies until i check in…hopefully…if they have somewhere i can plug it in. 

Right now with all these thoughts i have, most of them i havent even written down, im suddenly starting to feel that this new start will be good for me, i’ve never been away from home for very long, and especially this far. i think Australia is as far as you can get away form Norway without actually going to the south pole, thats not even over exadurating. I will meet my loved one and i’ll stay somewhere safe, but still experience so many new things :) this is the start of something great.

I got myself a nikon 1 for my year long trip! I got it way cheap cause i first presueded my friend johanne to buy it on sale, and for some reason this month she couldnt pay rent (somebody spontaniously bought herself two guinnipigs) so she sold it to me ridiculously cheap ;D

"I think life is about getting lost, cause if you dont loose yourself a little now and then, how could you find all the strange unknown places inside you that you never thought existed? I wanna find everything."